Why Mt Mitchell Hardwood Flooring?

 We are a wood products manufacturer from the Mountains of Western North Carolina. For several generations, our family has sought to provide quality wood products from our local forests with the help of a great team of skilled workers from our area. 

Our flooring starts with sustainable forest management practices and professional timber harvesting. Nearly all of our flooring starts as a tree growing in one of 5 counties in Western North Carolina. The logs are then sawn in to green lumber in a high production sawmill in Burnsville, North Carolina (With Mt Mitchell being in our “back yard”). The lumber is then dried in Marion, North Carolina, where our flooring manufacturing facility is also located. 

We have made a living out of providing a quality product with the grades and specifications being just as they are stated. Attention to detail is truly the cornerstone of our operation. 

For us, knowing that we are able to maintain custody of the wood fiber from the forest to the floor is important not only from a quality standpoint, but honestly, it just gives us a lot of pride to see the result of all of our hard work come together as a finished product. 

It is our desire for our customers to have a product that they can be equally as proud of when it is installed in their home. 

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